These are some of the benefits that we have for you


We are using the same system that is built for banks to keep your transaction secure.

With more than a decade of experiences providing solutions for the financial industry, we developed a secure back-end system that also used by banks and financial institutions. Beyond that we are going to leverage blockchain technology to keep the transaction records immutable and traceable that will help to prevent fraudulent or suspicious activities.


Sending email from one to the other end of the World takes only 10 seconds. Why sending money must take multiple days?

Paying for your tuition or other expenses should take no longer than few seconds as well. Did you have an unexpected expense or bill to pay? Using EzBeanz you will be able to receive money from your home country in seconds and do not have to worry about if your bank is open or not! We are open all around the clock. Paying for your tuition, rent or other expenses are quick and at the comfort of your fingertips.


If something is for free, it means you do not know how much do you pay for it!

Some of our competitors says they are free, but in fact they are hiding from you how much do you pay for their services. Our mission is to provide our customers a transparent service that they can trust. We believe the best way to build trust is to be completely transparent so you can see and decide how much you pay for currency conversion and/or each transaction. You will love it!

Easy to Use

With easy step of 1-2-3 you are on the way to make your first payment or receive the first transaction. EzBeanz smartphone app is in your service for 24hrs a day.

We belive that the best things in life are simple. That is why we created this easy to use application that, after a registration and wallet upload is ready to use. Save time from filling out forms over and over again, lining up at the bank. You will have the ability to track all your spending and costs which gives you better control of your finances while studying aborad.

Really easy to use


We are moving fast and growing quickly. We would like to notify you when our services are available in your home country. Please tell us your email address and country of origin.